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  • NIR-recognition test: The Near-infrared (NIR) Quick Scan is used to assess the material of a packaging, recognised under an NIR in an operational sorting facility.
  • Industrial sorting test: Is used to assess the sortability of your packaging in an operational Veolia sorting facility.
  • Transport & friction test: This test replicates the forces associated with collection, compression and transport on your packaging. 
  • Glass sorting test: Using an optical sorter, in an operational facility, the sortability of your glass packaging can be assessed. 
  • Pulping test: The pulping test will simulate an average regular paper-mill recycling process, based on the CEPI 2.0 testing methodology.
Operational tests


  • Dedicated lab research: CIRCPACK is a recognised lab for all RecyClass Quick Test Procedures and an accredited lab for EPBP's QT500-508. These tests replicate the conditions of industrial reprocessing facilities on a smaller scale. 
  • Washing test: This test is used to determine if there is an impact of film and paper labels and bleeding inks on HDPE and PP containers as well as PE and PP flexibles, aligned with the RecyClass quick wash test procedures. 
  • Fibre loss: During the quick wash test, fibre loss from paper labels will be assessed. 
  • Glue removal: Based on the RecyClass (PE and PP), or EPBP (PET) testing procedures, the separation of adhesive and label are tested.
  • Sink Float separation: This test provides guidance on the efficiency of the sink float separation step.
Laboratory tests
  • Market overviews & assessments: We conduct comprehensive analysis of current trends and standards within the packaging industry, facilitating informed decision-making to align with market expectations.
  • Design Phases Assistance: We help you to optimize the functionality of your packaging while being aligned with current and future legislation's (PPWR) and design for recycling guidelines.
  • Compliance support: We offer guidance through complex packaging regulations and EPR fees.
  • Advice on packaging formats: We offer recommendations on optimal packaging formats, emphasizing the selection of the most suitable for mechanical recycling.