Pringles & CIRCPACK: we make your packaging recyclable!

We are very proud to have supported Kellanova in making their Pringles can recyclable!

Creating a recyclable packaging starts with a deep understanding of all steps in the recycling process: collection, sorting & reprocessing.

Our support to  Pringles kicked off by running operational sorting tests with their packaging. As the can was composed of different materials, the results gave great insights into the way these behaved in the real world

In addition we were able to share our knowledge on the recycling infrastructure around the globe and on the surrounding environment:  Legislation, Extended Producer Responsibility organisations, sector organisations and reprocessors. 

Based on all this, we handed Pringles sufficient insights into the challenges their iconic packaging faced, and how to potentially solve them. Since then, Kellanova has shown great dedication and commitment to create a recyclable packaging format in which they have now succeeded!

Well done Pringles, well done Kellanova! 
Thank you for this great collaboration. 🚀 🤝

The insights from working with circpack© has offered a toolbox to approach waste management companies to start recycling the current can, which we are doing actively with great success in the UK.

Filip Van Hulle
EU R&D technical packaging manager 
on the Pringles brand since 2008